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Enables WiFi-Only features such as large App Store downloads, HD-Quality YouTube videos, FaceTime, and more on 3G and LTE.

It allows those things by tricking applications into believing they are on WiFi, even though they are on 3G or LTE.

Enables on LTE/3G/EDGE:

  • Make and receive FaceTime calls (even on AT&T)
  • Watch high quality YouTube videos
  • Download apps bigger than 100MB from the AppStore
  • Download music, movies, TV shows and podcasts bigger than 100MB from the iTunes Store
  • Watch videos with Amazon Prime and many other video streaming apps
  • Play online games, which usually only work on WiFi, like Order and Chaos or Modern Combat
  • Tweetbot Streaming
  • And much, much more since 3G Unrestrictor works with almost all apps 3rd party apps that restrict you in any way on 3G/LTE like for example Audible!

For more information, explanations and screenshots, please visit www.3GUnrestrictor.com!

  • SBSettings toggle: Quickly enable and disable whether apps should be unrestricted
  • Works with almost all applications
  • Can detect when application might be trying to check whether they are on 3G and ask whether you want to unrestrict them(disabled by default)
  • Easy to use interface where you select apps that should be unrestricted

The following devices are supported:
All jailbroken iPhones including 7 and 7 Plus.

All cellular iPads including the Pro models.

It is fully compatible with iOS 4 to 10!

If you use this to bypass something your provider or anyone else forbids and you get caught, you cannot hold me responsible for that.

This is just a warning to protect myself.

3G Unrestrictor has been available for years and so far nobody had any problems with their provider.