3G Unrestrictor 5.10.0

  • Fixed iOS 10 support
  • Fixed FaceTime not working for some people

3G Unrestrictor 5.9.1

  • Fixed iOS 9.2-9.3 support
  • Fixed Crash of config app

3G Unrestrictor 5.9.0

  • Fixed iOS 9 support
  • Fixed a bug where the app showed all apps as not installed

3G Unrestrictor 5.8.4

  • Fixed iCloud Backup on iOS 8.3 and 8.4
  • Fixed Problems with App Store and iTunes Store
  • Fixed Podcasts large downloads on iOS 8
  • New Config app looks great on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

3G Unrestrictor 5.8.2

  • Fixed App Store can now be unrestricted on iOS 8

3G Unrestrictor 5.8.1

  • Fixed Not being able to add apps on iOS 8

3G Unrestrictor 5.7.3

  • Fixed FaceTime not working on 3G when WiFi is turned on, but not connected to a network.

3G Unrestrictor 5.7.2

  • Fixed Compatibility with YouTube
  • Fixed Crash of the config app when tapping the help text

3G Unrestrictor 5.7.1

  • New iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina compatibility

3G Unrestrictor 5.7

  • New iOS 7.x compatibility
  • New iOS 7 Design for the config app
  • Fixed FaceTime support on 7.x
  • Fixed Many, many, many bugfixes
  • Misc Support for the iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina is coming as soon as the tweak engine Mobile Substrate is updated

3G Unrestrictor 5.6.1

  • Misc Added limited functionality for YouTube 1.3 for iOS 5 users who cannot update to YouTube 2.2. Videos show in WiFi quality, but you cannot select a specific quality setting.

3G Unrestrictor 5.6

  • Fixed Compatibility with Google's YouTube 2.2 update
  • Misc Completely rewrote YouTube tricking. Should survive future YouTube updates
  • Added You can now use YouTube's built in quality selector on 3G and LTE. Simply tap the 3 vertical dots button in the top right corner of a video.
  • Misc From now on 3G Unrestrictor is only compatible with YouTube 2.2 and higher

3G Unrestrictor 5.5

  • Fixed Compatibility with Google's YouTube 2.0 update

3G Unrestrictor 5.4

  • Fixed Compatibility with Google's YouTube 1.4 update
  • Fixed YouTube custom mode inability to change quality for 3G

3G Unrestrictor 5.3

  • Fixed Compatibility with Google's YouTube update
  • New Ability to select YouTube quality on LTE in custom quality mode

3G Unrestrictor 5.2.1

  • Fixed A bug which caused some applications to crash (Skype, Viber,...)

3G Unrestrictor 5.2

  • New Improved 3rd party tricking: Supports more apps and games like Worms 2
  • New New IfAddr mode, which improves support of more apps and games like Modern Combat 2 (Especially Gameloft games)
  • Fixed FaceTime on 3G not working if WiFi is on, but not connected
  • Fixed App Store and iTunes store not working on 3G without rebooting after adding them

3G Unrestrictor 5.1

  • New iOS 6.x, iPhone 5 and iPad Mini support
  • New Support for Google's new YouTube app
  • Fixed FaceTime on 3G with AT&T on 6.x
  • Misc Many bugfixes, realibility and stability improvements

3G Unrestrictor 5.0.1

  • Fixed iCloud backups not working if Photo Stream is not enabled
  • Fixed iCloud backups enabled if Photo Stream is enabled
  • Misc Changed support email address
  • Misc ITV Player (UK) isDirect setting is enabled by default

3G Unrestrictor 5.0

A major update with a completely rewritten core and many new features.

  • New Photo Stream support
  • New iCloud Backup support
  • New Ability to choose YouTube quality for WiFI / 3G / EDGE
  • New SBSettings YouTube toggle to quickly select the desired quality mode
  • New Completely rewritten core - even more reliable